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All the articles and web pages you love right on your new tab page.

Mark allows you to save any web page, article you want to keep for later right on you new tab/new window page in Google Chrome.

Sick of keeping dozens of tabs open? of sending yourself articles by email? or to save pages in bookmark folders or apps you never go to afterwards? Save pages that matter to you at the only place you go dozens of times a day : your Chrome "new tab" page!

Whether it's an interesting article you really want to remind yourself to read later, or some pages about a trip you're planning with a friend, or some work project for which you want to keep some searches you made within close reach, Mark is just one tab away.


We hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback, idea, problem, please reach out : contact@getmark.app.

Happy reading!

Mark is free

Mark only lives on the generosity of its supporters. Want to support our efforts to make curious people's lives easier ? Reach out at love@getmark.app.